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Fighting Back Against the Radical Left and Defending Energy Independence

Christi Craddick is at the forefront of the fight against the Green New Deal, pushing back against policies that threaten Texas’ energy independence and economic prosperity.
She is a vocal critic of progressive policies that undermine our state’s thriving oil and gas industry, and radical agendas that threaten jobs and jeopardize our national security.
Christi champions personal freedoms, fighting federal overreach and advocating for state-led solutions that respect our unique energy landscape and international importance.
She understands that the path to a prosperous future depends on sensible, science-based regulation that fosters innovation and growth in the energy sector.
As a steadfast conservative leader, Christi is committed to keeping our state a beacon of energy independence and economic success, and preserving the freedoms of Texans.

Defending Texas Against Federal Overreach.

The Texas Railroad Commission stands on the front lines against federal overreach, safeguarding Texas employers and jobs from excessive and unnecessary regulations. Our energy regulation is rooted in free-market principles and informed by cutting edge research and data. The oil and gas industry is a powerhouse of the Texas economy. To keep our state thriving and boost domestic energy production, we need regulations that are efficient, consistent, and predictable.

Advocating for Limited Government

The Texas economic miracle is a testament to the power of limited government. By leveraging science and data to efficiently manage production activities, we unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of Texas, in stark contrast to the federal government’s punitive and destructive mandates.

Safeguarding Texans’ Sacred Private Property Rights

Our energy independence should never come at the expense of our individual freedoms. As Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, I work tirelessly to ensure that our pursuit of energy resources respects and upholds the private property rights of every Texan.

The strength of Texas lies in its people and their rights. I am committed to protecting these rights, ensuring that our energy exploration and production are conducted responsibly, respecting both our land and the rights of its owners.

Leading the Way with Cutting-Edge Practices and Technologies

Texas is at the forefront of technological innovation, and our fair and sensible regulations ensure that companies can adapt to the ever-evolving global energy needs, maintaining our leadership in this vital sector.

Leveraging Texas’ rich experience in exploration and production, free-market practices, and optimal production conditions, the Railroad Commission skillfully and thoughtfully balances regulatory oversight with fostering industry growth through innovation. This is how we keep Texas thriving.

The Railroad Commission has been proactive in evaluating the latest rules and processes to adapt and strengthen our state’s regulatory structure. This includes implementing one of the nation’s most comprehensive chemical disclosure rules for fracking and updating standards for integrity testing of casing, cementing, drilling, well control, and well completion.

Texas must continue to blaze the trail in developing an exceptional regulatory framework that keeps pace with one of the world’s most technologically advanced industries.

Upholding Conservative Values Through Steadfast Leadership.

Christi is unwavering in her commitment to upholding traditional, conservative values, protecting families and jobs, keeping faith in God, and defending our constitutional freedoms.

What makes Texas great – our abundant natural resources, vast beauty, and robust economy – must be protected. Christi is a dedicated steward of our natural resources and an unwavering champion of the innovative Texas spirit, our values of hard work.

Christi’s leadership fosters an environment where businesses can flourish, free from excessive government interference.

We must continue to uphold the principles that make Texas great: individual liberty, personal responsibility, and a steadfast belief in the power of hard work. These are not just values, but the bedrock upon which our great state was built. As a public servant, I pledge to uphold these principles and fight for the prosperity of all Texans.

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